Photrographer in our day care

Dear parents,

We are happy to inform you, that a professional school photographer will visit us in May. The photographer will take a (non-committal) passport photo of the children.

All parents will be able to look at the photos with a password in a gallery online and choose between pictures, backgrounds and products. Additionally, you will be able to order boutique-articles such as bags, phone cases, display stands and many more, the perfect idea for a presentJ

(For parents who can’t or would rather not order online, there will be order forms available.)

All photos can be ordered separately or as a set.

When: Thursday, 9th May 2019 from 2-2.30 PM or 2.30-3PM (Please come either at 2 PM or at 2.30 PM.)

All children are welcome to come to ylaa on this day and time, even if your child doesn’t normally attend ylaa on Thursday afternoons (in this case, parents have to be present). Of course, siblings are welcome too.

We are looking forward to this special day!

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