Great adventures at the kita

The children at the kita ylaa Bruderholz have the chance to discover new things and experience great adventures every day.


While we were working on our jungle project all groups made lots of animal crafts, like hand and footprints, snakes out of paper plates, lion masks. We colored as well lots of monkeys, tigers, and elephants, trying to match the colors with the real ones. We went for an animal hunt with our binoculars singing the song “we are going on a lion hunt, we are going to catch a big one“. It became our favorite song and kids were asking every day to sing it. We created a jungle sensory bin, making trees and adding animals. We built a big 3D crocodile, which was participating in our morning circle. We went to the Zoo to see the animals and observe them. We loved them all. We went to the botanical garden to feel the difference in the climate. It felt warm and humid.

Summer is for splash

This summer the weather was great. We enjoyed being outside daily and had lots of fun with water. We were playing with water in our swimming pool in the garden, we loved splashing around and making our friends wet. We are lucky because we have lots of beautiful playgrounds in the neighborhood with swimming pools or fountains. We were playing water balloon fights. We did not mind getting wet. We went to the river birds and we became friends with the ducks.

trafic/transportation theme

We created a city car road, where the kids first painted it, the glued different kinds of buildings, they created the streets and the traffic signs, and then took their cars and drove them all over the city. We built vehicles with the soft blocks in our gym. We went for a walk to observe the neighborhood, the signs, and the traffic lights. We made also lots of vehicle stamps.


Kids were tinkering boats, Vietnamese hats, dragons and lanterns. Ylaa felt like a street in Vietnam. We have had celebrated the moonlight festival dancing to Vietnamese music, wearing our hats, and holding our lanterns. We went for shopping to explore the exotic fruits and we tried some longan. It was yummy. We learned that Vietnam has lots of volcanos and that’s why we made a volcano experiment in our sandbox in our garden. We were surprised.