Adventures at the kita ylaa Bruderholz


The weather is cold, and we were thinking of penguins, which are enjoying playing in the snow like us. We crafted some of those, using paper plates, black pieces of paper and we made their faces and feet too!

Having fun in the snow

This year we were really lucky to have lots of snow in Basel and even more here in Bruderholz. The kids enjoyed making snowmen, playing snow fights, rolling in the snow and making snow angels.


We were talking about musical instruments and we crafted a few of those, like drums, maracas and rain sticks. After we played music all together and we explored the different sounds.


We crafted dinosaurs with paper plates, but we made also dino prints on cookies. We search for dino pictures in the room but also outdoors. We made dino handprints and we visited Grün 80 and Wasserturm to see the massive dinosaurs.