Sammiclaus has visited us!!!


The children had been wondering for days whether their behavior warranted a visit from Samichlaus. On St.Nicholas’ Day their first task was to ensure that their shoes were clean and neatly arranged. During their circle time, joyous chimes of bells announced his arrival! Yessss, he was here! Overwhelmed with excitement, they erupted into Christmas songs, singing and dancing in his honor. Their efforts were met with approval, and in return, Samichlaus bestowed upon them a collection of toys.

Afterwards, Samichlaus asked about the cleanliness of their shoes and he fortunately had another surprise for them. Rushing to check, the children discovered with delight that clementines and Gratimann had been delicately placed within! What a splendid day it turned out to be! Until the next year, Samichlaus!!! Thank you for everything!