Job vacancies

Are you looking for a new professional challenge? Maybe you can find something that suits you in one of our child care centers or at one of the other kidéal ag run institutions. The following locations are searching for a new member of their team at the moment. We would be very happy to have a personal conversation with you about who we are looking for.

Kita ylaa Bruderholz, Basel

We have no vacant positions at the moment.

Contact: Iris Cartier, Pedagogic Manager, tel. +41 61 511 32 60, e-mail:

Kita ylaa Densa Park, Basel Kleinhüningen (Stücki Areal)

Wir suchen eine/n Gruppenleiter/in 80% per 1. Dezember 2019 oder nach Vereinbarung (bitte beachten Sie, dass für die Stelle fliessendes Deutsch vorausgesetzt wird).

Contact: Marion Höfele, Pedagogic Manager, tel. +41 61 511 32 50, e-mail:

Further institutions with job vacancies


Check for open positions in our Chinderstern child care centers.


Check for open positions in our Tagesstern child care centers.

Chinderstern and Tagesstern

We are on the look out for reliable, engaged and responsible supply staff to support our Chinderstern and Tagesstern child care institutions.