Our Team

Kita ylaa Bruderholz, Hauensteinstrasse, Basel

Pedagogic Management

Marina Blachava – Pedagogical Manager and Group Manager

Education and training:

  • Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Education

Wolf group

Vivien Vagi – Group manager

Education and training:

  • Dipl. in Early Childhood Education

Additional staff group wolf


Daniel Frampton – Child Care Assistant

Nerea Arbelaiz Cuadrado – Child Care Assistant

Sarah Subramaniam – Intern

Marina Blachava – Group Manager

Citcatt Hubacher – Assistant Educator

Fox group

Sarah Wilkinson – Group manager

Education and training:

  • Child care specialist

Additional staff group fox

Aida Berger – Intern

Greta Mozsay – Assistant Educator

Angharad Davies – Child Care Assistant

Rosa Picone – Child Care Assistant

Ardiana Tanaj – Intern


Jumper/Floater with or without pedagogical training as needed


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