Our team

Kita ylaa Densa Park, Basel Stücki Areal

Our team at Kita ylaa Densa Park consist of pedagogically trained personnel. The team is supported by interns and trainees.

Pedagogic Management

Marion Höfele – Pedagogic Manager

Education and training:

  • Child care specialist
  • Team Leader in social and Sociomedical Institutions
Unser Team - Kita ylaa Densa Park - Basel Kleinhüningen


Melanie Muggli – Group manager

Education and training:

  • Child care specialist

Merve Koca – Child care specialist

Aynura Babayeva – Adult education

Aleyna Özkan – Intern


Nicol Duspara – Group Manager

Education and traning:

  • Child care specialist

Kai Wurtlin – Assistant Educator

Elena Kleiner – 3rd year Apprentice

Miryana Lazerova – Intern

Additional members

Eric Blant – Chef