Vocational preparation year (internship)

For school leavers, we offer vocational preparation years (internships) . Here are three reasons to choose an internship at the ylaa child care centre:

  1. You will be accompanied and supported by means of a concept specially developed by kidéal Kitas with a focus on personality development.
  2. Through internal guidance, you will acquire specific expertise, which you will continuously deepen. You will also develop goals, which will be regularly assessed, discussed and, if necessary, adjusted.
  3. Through the vocational preparation year, you have the opportunity to qualify for an apprenticeship for training as a child care educator EFZ (3-year basic training).

If you are interested in an internship year, you will find all our locations that have an internship to fill under Vacancies.

Our brochure “Your future starts in a child care center” provides you with further information about the vocational preparation year (internship year) and your career opportunities afterwards.

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Our former intern Julia Frey

Julia Frey

Former intern and apprentice Julia Frey in her 1st year of apprenticeship at Chinderstern Adliswil

Julia Frey did an internship year at the child care centre Chinderstern Adliswil and then chose to train as a child care educator at Chinderstern. She was one of the first interns to benefit from the Chinderstern Internship Promotion Program. In the following, she explains why she decided on an internship year before her apprenticeship and how she benefited from the internship year.

Why did you decide to do an internship at Chinderstern Adliswil?
I was advised that it was better to do an internship first, as this would give me the opportunity to look into the profession and find out if I really like it and if it corresponds to me. I thought that was a good thing, because I was aware that once I would be an apprentice, I would have to “go through” the three years.

How did you experience your internship year at the child care centre Chinderstern?
I learned a lot. Without school, I was at the child care centre for five days and knew all the children very well. Now in my apprenticeship, I am not there two days a week and therefore always miss a lot of the daily events.

You are one of the first interns to be accompanied by the Chinderstern promotion concept for personality development during the internship. How did it support you during your internship year?
Many of the assignments I received from the internship folder have helped me a lot to recognize certain things and to be able to work more professionally. One task, for example, was that at a certain point in time I had to know all the names of the children and the corresponding parents as well as on which days the children come to the child care centre. In doing so, I realized how important it is to be able to address people directly by name .

How could your instructor Tamara help you?
I was well accompanied and always had a contact person. Tamara explained all the tasks to me well. She also helped me in everyday life, e.g., when it came to memorizing the names of the children and the parents etc. For example, she was querying me. She always gave me fixed time limits for tasks and asked me if I understood everything and asked in between if I was on schedule and if I could cope. I also found the feedback that I received from her again and again very important.

How did the internship year at Chinderstern help you choose your career?
The internship year gave me a good picture of what everyday life will look like as an apprentice and showed me that training as a child care educator is really what I want to do. But one year of internship was enough for me. I wouldn’t have wanted to do another one.

Would you recommend an internship year and if so, why?
Yes, I think it’s important, because I had a different idea of the profession at the beginning. It became much more demanding and stricter than I had imagined. That’s why I can recommend an internship year in any case.

You are now doing the training to become a child care educator. Do you already have goals for after that?
Yes, I might want to add a vocational “Matura” diploma (BMS) or study. But the longer I work, the more uncertain I am whether I want to do that right after. In any case, I would like to be able to lead a group myself, maybe even complete the training as a Pedagogical Manager

The instructor for interns Tamara Hartmann

Tamara Hartmann

Tamara Hartmann is 28 years old and has been an Assistant Educator (AE) and instructor for interns at Chinderstern Adliswil for over a year. Before her training as a child care educator, she did more than one internship in various child care centres and would go the same way again. In this interview, she explains what experiences she has gained as an instructor with the Chinderstern Internship Promotion Program.

How did it come about that you became an instructor for an intern?
Supervising/accompanying an intern is part of my job as an AE. Just as guiding an apprentice is part of the task of a Group Manager (GM). This work is even recorded in writing in my job profile.

How did the promotion concept for interns introduced by Chinderstern support you in your role as an instructor?
Very well. The 32 tasks, which can be found in the internship folder, which belongs to the promotion concept, are a kind of guideline on the basis of which you can orientate yourself and put together the tasks for the intern on the current topic.
In addition, I find that this is very helpful, especially for an instructor who is guiding an intern for the first time. I have guided interns before, but unfortunately not much has been done by the other employers to systematically guide and promote the interns.

How did the application of the concept work for you and was the intern able to benefit from it?
The Chinderstern Internship Promotion Program is a good thing. It helps the intern to get to know the job properly and to prepare for the apprenticeship. Due to the different tasks that are worked through with the intern during the year according to the internship folder, the intern is much more closely connected to the team. Through regular reflection on the tasks assigned to them, the sense of responsibility as well as self-confidence is promoted.
Likewise, the concept also promotes learning how self-management works. Specifically, what it means, for example, to hand in tasks on time and to comply with agreements. In the internship you can still develop and learn in this area, whereas in the training to be a child care educator all this is already required.

Are you also supervising an intern this year? If so, will you change anything about the application?
Yes, I am again supervising an intern. I will change only little things, the structure of the folder is good and you can integrate it well into the daily work, the goals are set sensibly.