Mission Statement and Values

Who we are

Kita ylaa Basel is a private organization, devoted to empowering and taking care of children of all cultures. It was founded in 2010 with the goal to create a child care center providing a service for families in a multicultural and bilingual environment (English/German).

Our mission

Bilingual (English/German)

Kita ylaa is a bilingual child care center, in which English and German are spoken to an equal degree. At Kita ylaa, we ensure that each caretaker only speaks in either one of the languages with the children. This way we ensure the children are introduced to the concept of a second language in a bilingual child care environment.


Our education schedule integrates multiculturalism. Multicultural activities such as music, dance, arts and crafts, storytelling, celebrations and meals are integrated in our daily routine. Each and every child is invited to contribute aspects from its own heritage. This is how we encourage and exchange in diversity.

All cultural events and themes we visit with the children are listed in the annual pedagogical plan.

Pedagogically valuable

Empowering kids to say: “I can”

A big part of the Kita ylaa mission is its intent on providing a learning and educational experience of the highest quality. We strongly believe that even very young children feel a calling to learn, explore and discover. This is why the Kita ylaa motto “I can” caters to the various development phases of each specific age group.

We integrate all areas of child development: the physical development, as well as the expression of linguistic, creative, scientific and social talents. A specifically created teaching plan encourages and fosters the fields of creativity and arts, music, science, movement, play and telling stories (telling and hearing stories, as well as role play/theater).

“I can” means: Every child will take home something newly learned each evening.

Kita ylaa cares

Kita ylaa cares about the environment

Meals served at our child care center are predominately resourced from organic ingredients. These have been produced according to strict environmental standards.

Wherever possible, paper products are sourced from FSC certified material. Paper, cardboard, PET, metal, glass, organic waste and batteries are discarded separately and recycled.

Kita ylaa kids learn how to recycle efficiently. We teach our children to respect, protect and sustain the environment.

Staff and team work

Certified staff and trainees at our ylaa child care centers are all genuinely interested and able to reflect on a healthy education and development of the children. The self-sufficiency of the child is within our primary focus and continuously encouraged by the entire team.

We treat children, the team members amongst each other, the parents and other important people in the children’s lives with respect. Regularly scheduled goal-oriented conversations, as well as focused training programs are the bases for an appropriate employee development. This is an integral part of our quality management.

Our interns are an imperative and valuable part of supporting the team in their professional day-to-day work schedules. During their training, they are respected in their individual personalities and supported in reaching a sound vocational choice.

Working hand in hand with parents at Kita ylaa

We encourage a continuous collaboration with parents (see parent information) and supply a clear and up-to-date flow of information. Our transparent communication culture helps strengthen a bond of trust between parents and staff. Concisely this means for you as a parent:

  • when bringing your child to one of our day care centers, we share a vocal exchange between parents and the carers
  • once a year or when and where ever necessary, we speak about the child’s stage of development
  • Parent – carer conferences are scheduled twice a year

Parents may participate twice a year at a Kita ylaa-event with their child, held to a specific theme (St. Martin, Easter, etc.).