Kita ylaa supports children in need of help through SOS-Children’s Villages

Kita ylaa has taken a stand for children in need of help. This is why our child care centers have been partnering SOS-Children’s Villages for many years.

Millions of children all over the world require assistance, as they are growing up without the support of a loving family and see themselves confronted with grave dangers. Kita ylaa supports children in need of help by providing them with a life full of dignity and fairness. It was important to us n our choice of organizations, that we share common ground and values. Kita ylaa’s mission statement of being a multi-cultural institution, offering free choice of religion and, in particular, promoting child development, has always been the main focus of SOS-Children’s Villages.

Kita ylaa is convinced to have found the ideal partner in SOS-Children’s Villages to support children in need of help worldwide. This is how Kita ylaa contributes to this partnership:

  • 5 % of our net profit is appropriated to SOS-Children’s Villages projects
  • the proceeds of all our charity events is donated to SOS-Children’s Villages

We teach children at our child care centers the inherent value of helping others. Every year we organize two charity events, in which the children lend a helping hand by baking cookies, for example, or crafting their own little pieces of art and selling them. All revenues are donated to children’s aid organizations.