Parent information

Kita ylaa Densa Park, Basel Stücki Areal

Children experience two separate worlds between being at day care and being amongst their own family members. This is why working hand in hand with parents is so important to our day care center. For the child to feel equally safe in both worlds, ongoing contact between parents and care givers is pivotal. It is Kita ylaa’s goal to achieve an open and honest collaboration between the team and parents, in order to ensure continuous and nuanced support for the child. The crucial aspect when it comes to working with parents is mutual trust. The staff encourages this by approaching the parents with an open and honest mindset and with respect and courtesy.

Our day care center places the utmost importance on a great collaboration with the parents. Mutual daily feedback on the well-being of the child is the foundation for success.

Parent-carer conferences are readily available and can be asked for by both parties. An in-depth conversation focusing on the child’s development is scheduled at least once a year.

The Kita ylaa team organizes various events (parties, parent-carer conferences, charity events etc.). These allow parents to catch glimpses of the day-to-day activities their child is busy with in day care and also provides the opportunity to meet other families.

To ensure that the child accustoms itself to day care from the very start, a step-by-step introduction to everyday life is elementary. This is why we recommend that parents adjust their schedules during the first two weeks, so they can set aside time and be readily available during this phase.

The familiarization time is predominately discussed between team leaders and parents. Generally, the child starts paying visits to Kita ylaa accompanied by its parents for short time periods. In the days that follow, the child slowly becomes accustomed to spending time in day care by itself without its parents, whereby the stretches of time in which the child stays in day care without its parents are expanded. Wherever possible, the child deals with the same staff member throughout. For more details see familiarization time at ylaa child care.