Parent information

Kita ylaa Densa Park, Basel Stücki Areal

Kita ylaa attaches great importance to good cooperation with parents. Therefore, we maintain continuous contact with parents and ensure a clear and timely flow of information. Our transparent communication culture contributes to a trusting relationship between parents and caregivers. In concrete terms, this means for you as parents:

  • We exchange information with the parents about the child’s well-being on a daily basis.
  • Discussions with parents are possible at any time. These can be requested by both parties. As a rule, at least one development meeting takes place each year.
  • A parents’ evening is held at least twice a year.
  • The Kita ylaa team organizes various events (parties, charity events, etc.). These offer parents the opportunity to gain additional insight into the day-to-day work with the children in the daycare center. These events also allow for the exchange and getting to know other families.

To ensure that the child accustoms itself to day care from the very start, a step-by-step introduction to everyday life is elementary. This is why we recommend that parents adjust their schedules during the first two weeks, so they can set aside time and be readily available during this phase.

The familiarization time is predominately discussed between team leaders and parents. Generally, the child starts paying visits to Kita ylaa accompanied by its parents for short time periods. In the days that follow, the child slowly becomes accustomed to spending time in day care by itself without its parents, whereby the stretches of time in which the child stays in day care without its parents are expanded. Wherever possible, the child deals with the same staff member throughout. For more details see familiarization time at ylaa child care.