We say goodbye


This time of the year we have to say goodbye to some of our kids leaving to go to the kindergarten or to the primary school. Most children have been with us since they were a baby. Taking the next step can be very exciting but also sometimes scary or sad, an emotional rollercoaster. To prepare the children for this goodbye, we start talking about it weeks in advance and the children are able to choose their favorite things to do, for example: bake their favorite zvieri, go on their favorite trip. The Koala Bears made a special school bus poster where the children count down their days at ylaa.

On the last day we all join in a circle time and sing their favorite songs. The children receive their portfolio to take home including all their artwork and development steps they collected along the years at ylaa.

We wish all our leaving children a lot of fun in the new school or kindergarten! We are happy and thankful we were able to guide them along their first years and will miss them very much!