Healthy through nutrition


In the ylaa Bruderholz the kids are busy helping to prepare the snacks – Z`Vieri and Z`Nüni. Through these activities, the children train their skills in a playful way. They learn how to use the knife and promote their fine motor skills and concentration. During the preparations, the colors of the ingredients are recognized and named, which develops their cognitive skills. Contact with various healthy foods also expands their knowledge and encourages memory and understanding. At ylaa Bruderholz, we enjoy picking up on the children’s curiosity about food, offering them healthy nutrition and imparting knowledge about food.

The ylaa Bruderholz is proud to have the certification of Fourchette Verte – Ama Terra. This concept is based on food that is regionally, seasonally and organically grown. The menu of our fantastic chef Dimitrios is varied and balanced, according to the rules of Fourchette Verte and tastes great for the children and adults too.