Exploring the world around us through trips


Our preschoolers from the Wolves group are always ready to embark on a thrilling educational trip, where they have opportunities to explore the world beyond the classroom, whilst promoting children’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Positive memories from excursions across the city can also inspire children to pursue new interests and hobbies.

The Wolves trip to the zoo offered a unique opportunity for children to connect with animals and admire the beauty of the natural world. The preschoolers had the chance to walk with the penguins, which allowed the children to witness the wildlife up close.

However, the Jungle exhibition ensured a different experience for the preschool group. The moment children walked into the main room, children’s faces immediately lit up with excitement and couldn’t wait to jump in the giant ball pit. The preschoolers also walked through a maze and listened to different animal sounds along the way.

On St. Nicholas day, December 6th the Wolves group visited our local department store, and they embarked on a unique story telling experience. Initially, the children without the aid of a book, simply listened to the storyteller, encouraging children to rely on their imagination and creative thinking. Eventually, at the very end of the story, our preschoolers were invited to look at the pictures to enhance their visualization of the storyline. Furthermore, children could explore a variety of toys at the mall and the main attraction was St. Nicholas himself.

Children eagerly engaged in writing a letter to Santa, including their wishes in it. The Wolves group went on a special mission to find the nearest post office and send their letters to Santa’s home, to the North Pole.

The Wolves group went to the Christmas market, as the last trip of the year 2023. Where children were looking at the Christmas tree and pointed at the colorful ornaments. After walking through the market, finding Santa, reindeers and balloons, the preschoolers gathered around the chimney and had lovely festive snack.

Memorable trips are enriching children’s educational experiences and fostering various aspects of their development.