Playfully promoting development outdoors


At ylaa Bruderholz, we give our kids lots of space to discover and observe. We are happy to be able to use our garden area when the weather is nice to promote the children’s development in a wide variety of areas and to enjoy time together outside. Our employees are always coming up with creative ideas to give the children new impulses and to offer high-quality educational activities.

Today we have put the children’s motor skills development in the focus of play. With balance beams, hula hoops, vehicles, parachute cloths, seesaws, and tunnels, we offer the children various movement options and promote their gross motor development in areas such as balance, coordination and strength. Fine motor skills are also strengthened in a playful way by practicing grasping, steering the vehicles, and collecting small natural treasures.

In these kinds of activities, the children can express their natural urge to move and can orient themselves according to their individual needs. Outside, we always find exciting animals or plants to marvel at. The children love to collect, and we discover the world around us together with them in a curious and joyful way. On such a sunny day, it is a real treat for young and old.