ylaa Kids out and about


At ylaa Bruderholz, we put a lot of effort into making the educational program varied and appealing for the children. In addition to our many in house activities like cooking, baking, crafting, painting, sensory play, dancing, singing, gymnastics, etc., excursions and time in nature are part of every day.

Whether it’s a walk to the nearest playground or a trip to the Basel Zoo, the children are always highly motivated to be out and about together. These excursions give the children many learning experiences and promote several areas of development in a playful way.

On our way, the children have to learn to observe the traffic rules and train their spatial awareness. They practice recognizing the colors of the traffic light and know when they need to wait and when they can cross. Along the way, they will see nature in all its seasons and can observe and get to know the flora and fauna in our area. In the tram, the children get to know different districts of Basel and train their sense of direction.

Once we arrive at the destination, a wide variety of fields of development can be addressed, from gross motor skills through climbing, hopping and sliding on the playground, to cognition through looking at and recognizing animals in the zoo and much more. Excursions also promote a good mood and atmosphere in the group and strengthen the children’s “sense of togetherness”. With conversations and verbal accompaniment, we also actively involve social interaction and promote language development.
Excursions in the day-to-day life of the daycare center are therefore a holistically valuable experience for the children and also for us adults they are a refreshing change of scenery and a lot of fun.