ylaa is bilingual
ylaa is pedagogically valuable
ylaa serves food for thought
ylaa cares
ylaa works hand in hand with parents and is flexible

Kita ylaa – your multicultural and bilingual child care in Basel (English/German)

Coronavirus: Basel City Government Council strengthens measures against the coronavirus to protect health

New Regulations

From Tuesday, 17 March 2020, only healthy children who are entitled to a place in the day care centre will be looked after.
(In accordance with the decision of the Basel City Government Council – press release 13.03.2020)

The initiual situation of 13. March 2020 will not change at the moment.
We will immediately inform you of any changes at this point.

Changed hygiene and behaviour rules in our kitas ylaa

In our kitas ylaa, the prescribed protective measures are implemented (Please note: not all regulations which are valid for public spaces and other institutions do apply for kitas). We have supplemented these prescribed protective measures for our child care facilities.

  • Wherever possible, we only provide child care in small groups with no more than five children, although child care facilities are excluded from this regulation.
  • The measure of social distancing cannot be implemented for children in the kitas. However, direct contact with the parents is kept to a minimum and the 2-metre safety distance is maintained. Parents are also only allowed to stay in the entrance area of the child care facility and are therefore not allowed to enter group rooms.
  • The prescribed hygiene measures are fully observed.
  • The children in our kitas spend time outside every day. They do this either in the kita’s own garden or they go for a walk in small groups. The guidelines of the federal/cantonal authorities are always observed.
  • For the time being, meetings with parents to determine the child’s position and other events are cancled.


Kita ylaa provides multicultural and bilingual child care in Basel

  • English and German speaking care givers provide bilingual child care in Basel.
  • Multicultural education is ephasized through daily activities.

Kita ylaa is pedagogically valuable

  • The “I can” educational program for early child development with an annual multicultural plan, developed in-house.
  • We offer age appropriate development using an educational traning program tailored to the specific needs of every age group.
  • Various spaces are offered to foster SCIENCE, ART, GYM, GROWTH, DREAM and PLAY.

Kita ylaa serves food for thought

Kita ylaa cares

Kita ylaa works hand in hand with parents and is flexible

Our promise

We promise that,

your child will be treated as a unique individual, cherished and respected for its needs and emotions.

your child will be supported in a safe and environmentally friendly space.

you can track the growth and development of your child in regular conversations with Kita ylaa care givers.

you can feel confident and rest assured that your child is in the best of hands at our ylaa child care center.