The world is colourful


The children in Densa Park deal with the topic of colours.

Already for the youngest there are various plug-in games that work with the basic colours and thus promote a first interest in colours. The colours motivate the children and encourage them to deal with the objects. With advancing age, the children are able to distinguish and assign colours from each other. They find out that you can mix colours to create new ones. First board games work with colour dice instead of numbers. The children learn to move their character on the board according to the colour on the dice. This gives them a high degree of independence, as they can play these games with only minimal support. We are happy to provide you with a list of games for different age groups, which promote the colour understanding as well as the ability to combine:

  • Haba Kunterbunte Tierwelt Zuordnungsspiel
  • Tempo kleine Schnecke
  • Erster Obstgarten
  • 4 erste Spiele
  • Colorama
  • Quips