First Aid Courses 2023


In November, our two first aid course days “Emergencies in Children” took place in Adliswil.
Practical exercises for alerting, chain of survival, recognising the various symptoms of a heart attack/stroke, etc. were taught to our motivated employees.

Another very important item on the program was resuscitation for children and adults. This is a very important point, as there are differences between infants and adults regarding the application of pressure during resuscitation. In this context, the defibrillator was also used repeatedly, and the corresponding handling was explained in detail.

It has been shown that the practical part and the associated repeated repetition in groups and different staged emergency situations is mandatory, on the one hand to overcome certain fears of contact and on the other hand to be able to act immediately correctly and purposefully in an emergency.

Clear the ring!


As part of the anniversary theme for 15 years of kidéal, we were able to celebrate our summer party in circus style together with the children and parents.

Music, dancing, treats and fun games were of course not to be missed. The deliciouse cotton candy and our popcorn machine were of course particularly popular with the children.

But also the ring throw and the lion game, the handicraft table and the make-up station enjoyed great popularity.
Of course, our circus director Miky was also part of the party. He watched over the donation box of the SOS Children’s Village, for which we were able to collect generous donations again this year.

The forest with all the senses


The children from ylaa Densa Park took advantage of the beautiful weather with summer temperatures to spend a lot of time in the forest.

Not only because it was pleasantly cool in the shade of the trees, but to experience the forest with all your senses:
What’s buzzing in the bushes? Do you see the little beetle on the way? What does this flower smell like? How does the bark of the tree feel?

In addition, the children are on the move by walking, climbing, running in the fresh air, which promotes motor skills and strengthens the immune system.

We are looking forward to many more excursions where we can discover nature.

A day at the child care centre ylaa Densa Park


Everyday life in a child care centre holds many great experiences. Here at ylaa Densa Park, children experience something new every day.
We want to offer them an environment in which they can learn playfully and grow together. Through our daily changing offers on topics such as experiments, movement, language, excursions and role play, the children will find a suitable space to live out their imagination and skills accompanied by the educators. In this way, they expand their skills in the areas of gross and fine motor skills, language development, emotional development, social skills and much more in a protected environment.

We are grateful to accompany the children on their way.

The Expat-Expo in Basel


On Sunday, 29.01.2023, ylaa was represented at the Expat-Expo in Basel. Various service providers from all over Basel and the surrounding area use the opportunity of the Expo to introduce themselves to the Anglophone community and help families to feel at home faster.

At our booth we were able to welcome many interested parties and our wheel of fortune turned diligently.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us and are happy about the new contacts we were able to make.

ylaa is at the Expat-Expo!


On Sunday, 29.01.2023, ylaa will present itself at the Expat-Expo at the Congress Center at Messe Basel.
But what exactly is the Expat Expo? Here is an excerpt from the official website:

“Expat-Expo is a one-day, admission-free event for the English-speaking residents of Switzerland. Our event gathers various local, English-speaking businesses, organisations, museums, clubs and service providers together, under one roof to showcase their goods and services. Integrating into a new country can be a daunting process and Expat Expo is designed to help the Anglophone community feel quickly at home here. Expat-Expo contributes greatly to the successful integration of newly arrived families and veteran expats alike and reduces the stresses of integration.”

We also want to make our contribution to making expats feel at home in Switzerland more quickly by finding a place where they can entrust their children to our pedagogically valuable child care.

Come and visit us at our table number 68 right next to the bouncy castle.

We are already looking forward to seeing you.

kidéal celebrates 15 years


A slightly different year at kidéal Kitas

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of kidéal ag (ownership of the child care centres Chinderstern and ylaa as well as the school complementary centres Tagesstern), we have planned several exciting activities.

As a kick-off, Renato Zanetti, the CEO of kidéal, will visit all 18 institutions in the first quarter of the year and bring a small gift to each location. This gift will accompany the care team, as well as their children, throughout the anniversary year and make them part of the festivities.

Of course, there will be one or two further surprises, but we do not want to reveal everything at this point.
Thank you for your trust in us. We are happy to care for your child in this exciting and eventful year.

Our new reading corner


At ylaa Densa Park we have redesigned our reading corner. The new set up invites you to relax and linger, whether the children are looking at a book themselves or listen to a story read by a staff member.
But why is reading to children so important?
Children enjoy the time together, the immersion in other worlds and exciting stories. It encourages imagination and in addition, the children learn to listen and understand connections. They automatically train their memory, concentration and language skills.

With the new bookshelf, the books are easy for the children to reach, which promotes their independence. This allows them to access their favourite books according to their needs. The shelf above contains books with stories to be read aloud according to the season or our educational topic, which can be viewed together with a staff member.
The chairs in child-friendly size are suitable even for the youngest children. In addition, we are pleased that 2 seat cushions in the shape of a sea turtle enhance the reading corner. These were made by our dear former employee My-Loan Pitschat (Instagram @myloanbuicouture), who is now fully dedicated to fashion design and her own label.

We are looking forward to many cozy hours in our new reading corner.



Kids photoshoot


At the beginning of december we were able to welcome Sanja Tomazic from the Foto Bachmann team. With a lot of patience and fun, the children were treated to the photo shoot to capture their unique nature in the pictures. The equipment was also closely examined by the children. Even Miky was there. We would like to thank Foto Bachmann and especially Sanja for the great shooting.

First aid courses 2022


The annual first aid courses took place this year in november 2022 again. Over two days, our staff learned how to deal with emergencies involving children and adults. They learned more about self-protection, alerting, survival chain, first aid in case of illness and first aid in case of accidents. There was a lot of learning, training and laughing and valuable knowledge was exchanged. It is important to us that our staff feel safe in case of an emergency and that the children are well protected in our child care centers and school complementary centers.