We are pleased that Stefan Guede continues to work as a co-educator at the Kita ylaa Bruderholz after his successful completion of his apprenticeship.

Stefan: “I would like to thank you very much for the gift from kidèal for the completion of my apprenticeship! I am pleased and grateful to have experienced so much accompaniment and support on my way to becoming a certified child care specialist. Of course, my thanks also go to my instructors, group leaders and the entire team of ylaa Densa Park, with you all this was possible.
I am proud to be a part of ylaa and therefore also of kidèal and look forward to what the future holds.”

Dear Stefan – we are happy that you remain part of the kidéal family! We wish you continued success!

Summer, Sun, Beach, Culture


The children at ylaa Densa Park have enjoyed the wonderful summer days over the past few weeks and used them in different ways.

Excursions to the zoo, walks to the playground to build sand castles and stick your feet in the sand were just as much the order of the day as a cooling foot bath in the shade.

The children were also able to experience a visit to the Tinguely Museum and let their imagination run wild at a creative station.

Through the various activities, the children get impulses in all areas of development, e.g. gross and fine motor skills, social interaction, language, etc. and thus learn something new every day.

The world is colourful


The children in Densa Park deal with the topic of colours.

Already for the youngest there are various plug-in games that work with the basic colours and thus promote a first interest in colours. The colours motivate the children and encourage them to deal with the objects. With advancing age, the children are able to distinguish and assign colours from each other. They find out that you can mix colours to create new ones. First board games work with colour dice instead of numbers. The children learn to move their character on the board according to the colour on the dice. This gives them a high degree of independence, as they can play these games with only minimal support. We are happy to provide you with a list of games for different age groups, which promote the colour understanding as well as the ability to combine:

  • Haba Kunterbunte Tierwelt Zuordnungsspiel
  • Tempo kleine Schnecke
  • Erster Obstgarten
  • 4 erste Spiele
  • Colorama
  • Quips

Spring has arrived in Basel


Together with the children of ylaa Densa Park we discover spring with all our senses. Whether painting, walking in the forest, climbing and playing in the garden, spring shows its most beautiful side everywhere. We smell, feel, hear and see how it changes nature.

Myki is also happy about the warm sun, he was even outside wearing just a t-shirt.

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What is kidéal Kitas?
Our new channel for our child care centres Chinderstern and ylaa as well as our school-complementary centres Tagesstern.

What does “kidéal Kitas” offer?

  • A new look and even more valuable content with comprehensively pedagogical topics.
  • You experience the colourful world of children and get many valuable tips and ideas.
  • You get more perspectives and insights into the different worlds of our child care and school-complimentary centres – e.g., what are the older children up to, etc.
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Emergency first aid course – Our employees learn life-saving immediate actions

Emergencies happen everywhere. Our employees must also expect to be confronted with emergencies at any time. It is also not impossible to have people with chronic illnesses closely around. As an emergency helper, you have to decide quickly what to do in an emergency. Is it enough to apply a plaster, or do you have to call in the doctor / ambulance service? During the emergency first aid course, that took place on October 30, 2021, our employees received basic knowledge of how to deal with such situations confidently and safely.

Our employees learned in the emergency first aid course:

– Self-protection, alerting, chain of survival
– Recognizing the symptoms of a heart attack/stroke
– Foreign body aspiration
– BLS particular on child reanimation.
– Medical-legal aspects
– Dealing with children’s diseases
– First aid after accidents
– First aid for spinal injuries
– Procedure after accidents in children

The children from ylaa Densa Park were on their way to find treasures of autumn. Joyfully they searched for colorful leaves, beautiful stones, twigs and small pine cones. So we spent the afternoon in the golden autumn sun. The things found will be used in creative activities.

Summer campaign – Playgrounds or a place to play

Our most exciting outdoor areas/places to play! What and how can children discover, experience and learn in these places? Follow us and find out why regular outdoor time is so important for children’s development.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram from 15 June until the end of July and see what the children at our kitas Chinderstern and ylaa experience and learn.

Airplane, ship and co.

Who doesn’t like to dream of the big, wide world and faraway adventurous countries?

This week we looked with the children at how it is possible to travel. Planes and ships were of course particularly popular.

Together with the children, we visited the port area in Kleinhünigen and were able to watch a large container ship being loaded.

While we were there, a second ship even docked.

In the afternoon, the children folded colorful paper airplanes and were then allowed to race them around the nursery.

Spring has arrived

Spring has finally arrived and warms the tip of our noses with its warm rays of sunshine.

In spring, we also celebrate several birthdays and this is often combined with a special snack. In this case, the birthday child was given the opportunity to prepare a healthy fruit snack with two friends. They practised cutting the fruit and were of course allowed to snack.

After singing the birthday song, the children were allowed to name the fruits and then enjoy their own fruit plate together with freshly baked mini pancakes.