The topic “My body belongs to me”


In our ylaa child care centres, we deal with the topic “My body belongs to me” with the children every year. This year, we were able to carry out this project at the ylaa Densa Park daycare center with the support of the Limita concept. The Limita concept is a service offered by the Limita office, which is committed to the prevention of sexual exploitation of children, adolescents and people with disabilities. The concept consists of different modules that are tailored to the needs and age of the children. The aim is to strengthen the children’s personal development, to give them a positive body image and to help them to maintain and respect their boundaries.

We dealt with the following elements with the children during the project weeks:

• Emotions
• How to get help and secrets
• My body belongs to me!
• How to say No

These topics were conveyed by us through various media such as picture books, games, songs and creative offers. The children were allowed to make emotion cards, give each other a stone massage, learn a poem about feelings and transfer depicted situations to their own everyday life with the help of the picture books.