Outdoor fun – at any time of the year

At ylaa Densa Park, we love to be outdoors, no matter what time of year it is. In addition to the numerous activities that take place within the child care centre, such as morning circle, free play, creative activities and reading time, we spend several hours in the fresh air every day.

This is not only fun, but also promotes the health, social interaction, as well as cognitive and motor development of the children. Through joint outdoor activities, the children learn to interact with each other, solve conflicts and form friendships. The desire to discover is awakened by nature’s incentives: What is the name of this flower? What kind of creepy-crawly animal is this? How big is this tree? The cognitive skills are trained and the children learn to open up to their surroundings. The movement strengthens the children’s gross motor skills and serves as a balance. They can use their energy consciously by running, climbing or opening a construction site in the sandbox.

For this purpose, we are regularly in the garden directly behind the house, the nearby playground with numerous activities or organize walks and excursions, to the Lange-Erlen in the zoo or simply along the Rhine to watch ships. The children thus have the opportunity to get to know the world outside the daycare center and can benefit from the diverse learning experiences.