Multicultural and bilingual day care

Kita ylaa Densa Park, Basel Stücki Areal

Bilingual (English/German)

Kita ylaa Densa Park in Basel is a bilingual day care center, in which English and German are used equally. At Kita ylaa, we ensure that each carer only speaks in either one of the two languages with the children. This way the kids connect each individual with only one of the languages, which provides them with a playful introduction to the concept of a second language in a bilingual day care environment.

Find out how your child can enjoy a bilingual education during day care and kindergarden in our unique kindergarden solution.


Our educational schedule integrates multiculturalism into our day-to-day life. Multicultural activities like music, dance, arts and crafts, storytelling, celebrations and meals are integrated in our daily routine. Each and every child is invited to contribute aspects from its own heritage. This is how we encourage and exchange in diversity.

Larger cultural festivities like St. Martin, Chinese New Year, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, etc. are observed together with the kids. Hereby cultural backgrounds and histories are explained.

Additionally, on five days spread out across an entire month, themed food specialties from individual cultures are on the menu.

All cultural events and themes which we visit with the children are listed in the annual pedagogic plan.